Tuition Information

Since we have provided credit for March, we have a breakdown of what the cost would be for April and May, based on the applicable credit. Please see the breakdown below.

If you have an automatic payment and need to make an adjustment, please contact Jeff Ford at

We are so appreciative of those families who have reached out to ask if we can receive donations and unfortunately we cannot. However, if you would like to sponsor an OCD family who has been encountering financial difficulties due to the COVID19 pandemic, you may do so. Please email Ilona Gergi at in the event you would like to sponsor a family.

Please support the OFFICE OF CHILD DEVELOPMENT! Donate at to help keep OCD open and check if your corporation will provide a matching donation.
Please note "Office of Child Development" or "OCD" in the Additional Comments section to make sure your donation goes to the OCD Fund.
And/or email with your name when you make a donation so that we can make sure your donation goes to keeping OCD open.
*check the bottom of the CCEF website to see if an employer provides matching donations. Most major corporations provide a match for their employees' donations.