Before and After School Care Program

Dear OCD Families,


I wanted to start by stating that we have been immensely grateful for all the support you have provided our program and staff. We understand that our program is vital to the Culver City community and you are vital to us. As most of you know it has been incredibly hard to plan ahead as LACDPH COVID guidance has changed weekly. Due to current guidance for our program we must still adhere to the 6 feet distancing in our classrooms which means that we would not be able to take in additional students due to the classroom size. However, we have posted job opportunities to acquire staff in order to open additional classes. If you know of anyone, please forward the job postings! We are hopeful that the distancing guidance will change for our program soon and when it does, we will plan accordingly. I am crossing my fingers to share additional information about enrollment for summer camp and what the classroom size will look like by the end of April. I understand that it is very difficult to plan ahead, especially if you are looking for childcare, but I cannot promise anything at this time as we still must adhere to recurrent guidance. I have met with Superintendent Leslie Lockhart and we are looking into creative ways to provide additional care for our families. I will provide updates as they become available.


I am including the LACDPH guidance for you review and our job postings for you to share.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!


LACDPH Guidance:

Job Postings for Aftercare Program:

Full-time Assistant temp postions

Full-time Teacher temp postions

After-care Teacher positions

Sub Teacher position



All forms must be completed by a parent or legal guardian
Subsidized families: complete Kinderwait application on-line
Full Fee families: complete Interest List Application below
Please e-mail completed Interest List Application to Jessica at [email protected]
or fax to 310-842-4288 Attention Jessica
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