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Attendance Policies

You must sign your child in and out upon arrival and departure each day. There is a sign-in/out sheet in each classroom (Time and FULL legal signatures are needed). Children must not leave the classroom without notifying the teacher in charge. An adult must sign your child in and out. The State Department defines an adult as a person at least 18 years of age. Children are not released to anyone other than those authorized persons whose names are entered on the emergency card by the enrolling parent or guardian, except upon special notification in writing by the enrolling parent or guardian.
When a child returns from any absence, we cannot accept the child back without a reason and your signature on the sign-in/out sheet. When your child does not attend school due to illness or suspension he/she is not allowed to attend after school care. When you remove a child from school for an appointment (such as doctor) your child may attend after school care according to your contract hours.
Excused absences include:
  • Illness of the child sibling or parent/guardian. This includes doctor, dentist, and therapy appointments.
  • Court ordered visitation (all pertinent documents must be on file),
  • Family emergencies (with documentation) including, death in the family, household/medical crisis,
  • Legal/court appearance, community unrest.
  • Other emergencies where the "Best Interest" of the child is of concern
Unexcused absences are absences not listed above and may include:
  • Staying home with a parent or relative
  • Transportation issues
  • Vacation
  • Other absences clearly not in the "Best Interest" of the child.