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Program Policies

Children should be able to adjust their own clothing to use the bathroom successfully.

Shoes should be closed-toe, have backs and non-skid soles.

Staff will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged belongings. Valuables such as jewelry, money, and toys. Please label coats and sweaters.

Please help and remind your child to use their cubby and care for personal items.

Do not send food to school.

"Treasures" from home are allowed only on "Sharing Day." (See your child's teacher for more details).

Staff is required to report suspected child abuse (Penal Code Section 11166).

Please bring concerns or questions to the teacher first. If the teacher is unable to assist you, feel free to contact the Lead Teacher or call the CDS Administrative office.

Please park in designated areas only, handicap parking requires a state permit.

Never leave children unattended. Cars with unattended children will be reported to the Culver City Police Department.

Fundraising activities will be voted on at the Parent Group meetings. Only approved agency fundraising is allowed.

Inform the teacher immediately when your child is absent.

Please ensure emergency cards are updated at least three (3) names and phone numbers are required for emergency purposes.

CAR SEAT LAW – Children under the age of 6 years or less than 60 lbs. (regardless of age) must be in an appropriate car seat while in an automobile. Preschool children must be in a child passenger restraint system (car seat) while riding on school buses during field trips.